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Can I watch WTA TV on my mobile device or tablet? has been designed and built to work on most mobile and tablet devices. Please see below a list of supported devices.


Apple – iOS 4+


Android – 2+


We are always working to expand our range of supported devices and will update the information above when new devices or operating systems become available.

How do I subscribe?

You need to create a personal account before gaining access to by following our simple registration process.


Click here to get started.

What does my subscription include?

Your subscription to a Global Pass (monthly or annual) includes access to live matches and videos on demand from 47 WTA events.


If you have any concerns about the availability of an event in your region or if it is covered by your subscription, please contact our customer services team.

Why is my payment not processing?

Unfortunately, some countries that are not OFAC listed are currently blocked by our payment provider.  We are working hard to include as many countries as possible and will let you know when we have a solution.  Below is a list of countries that are currently on that list:

Burma (Myanmar)
Congo, The Democratic Republic
Cote D’ivoire
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia & Serbia
Ivory Coast
Lebanon and Syria
North Korea
North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea)
Zaire (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Streaming Service

What is streaming?

Streaming allows you to play a program straight from, without having to download the program to your hard drive first.


Simply select an event and click Watch Now to play. You must be online for the entire length of the program to play it.


To use streaming on your desktop computer you need to install Flash, a program which Adobe provides for Windows, Macintosh and Linux.


Click here to get the latest version for your computer.


(This link will take you to a website outside We are not responsible for content or software downloaded from external sites).


This streaming technology is similar to that used by other popular video sites, such as YouTube.

What tournaments will be available on WTA TV?

In 2018, up to 2,000 matches will be available on from 46 tournaments, including every WTA Premier-level event. WTA TV will also cover the WTA 125K Series events. For a complete list of 2018 tournaments available click here.


The following tournaments are not included due to rights restrictions: Budapest, Gstaad, Linz, Nottingham, Nürnberg, Quebec City and Tianjin. 

What does it mean if I am receiving a security error when using Firefox?

You can be assured that the data on WTA TV is secure. If you are receiving a “streaming service is not secure” error message, this is actually a Firefox issue.

Will I be able to watch Grand Slams on WTA TV?

No. Due to rights restrictions, Grand Slam events will not be covered on WTA TV. During Grand Slam weeks, classic WTA matches will be made available through WTA Rewind.

Are all live matches produced to the same production standards?

For WTA Premier and International events, singles and doubles match production includes at least three camera angles and English commentary.


WTA 125K series matches will be made available with varying levels of production ranging from one to three cameras.

Watching Live Content

Am I able to watch matches on demand?

Yes. Matches will be available to watch on demand for up to three days after each match.


Matches can be viewed in full approximately three hours after each respective match. However, highlight videos will be available from one hour post-match.

What speed setting should I use for live content?

The video player incorporates adaptive streaming so it will always provide you with the best quality video available on your internet connection. However, you may see and choose to utilize some options if you are experiencing stream quality or performance issues and would like to manually control the bitrate.

My picture is breaking up, what can I do?

There are several steps that you may need to go through if you are having problems playing the content, so make sure you check all of the following:


Enable JavaScript
If you are told to enable JavaScript for Click to Play streaming, please follow the instructions on this link.


(This link will take you to a website outside We are not responsible for content or software downloaded from external sites)


Enable cookies uses cookies to remember your details so that you remain logged in when navigating or returning to the site.  We also use tracking cookies to help provide us with some information about our visitors so that we can improve our service.  For more information about our cookie policy please refer to our Privacy Policy.


If you would like to change your cookies settings, please visit this link.


(This link will take you to a website outside We are not responsible for content or software downloaded from external sites)


Security program settings
If you see a grey screen without a download button or an error message displayed, it may be that your security program is blocking access as it does not recognize it as a trusted site. Check your security program's settings to see how to do this.

The webpage does not appear to be updating.

To clear the cache, please follow these instructions

('s-Cache) specific for your web browser (If you are not sure what browser you are using, select 'Help' or 'About' from your menu bar).


(This link will take you to a website outside We are not responsible for content or software downloaded from external sites)

How can I watch WTA TV on my mobile device?

We strongly recommend that you use Wi-Fi to stream content from  This will ensure you experience the best quality video and also avoid any data charges when using your mobile network.


If you are unable to view the live stream on your mobile device please try refreshing your cache memory on your device’s browser.  In most cases this will resolve the issue but if you are still encountering problems, if all else fails, please contact our customer services team.


Are there geo-block or blackout restrictions?

There are no blackout restrictions for available tournaments. WTA TV will be available to subscribers everywhere around the world, except China. iQIYI provides a live and on-demand service to Chinese fans.

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