Company Details

Company details

WTATV.COM is the home of official high-quality streaming of premium tennis from around the world.

Fully owned and operated by Perform ( all live content on WTATV.COM is streamed in partnership with the official rights holders.

Our rights agreements

A proportion of all payments made by WTATV.COM and its users go back to the relevant rights holder - making WTATV.COM  truly the home of 100% official and legal WTA online live streaming.

In accordance with the complex rights agreements reached with the WTA, there are territorial restrictions on watching some tournaments. This will mean that WTATV.COM will have to prevent these events being viewed online in certain, specified countries.

If you are located in a restricted territory and so cannot watch an event, the restriction almost certainly exists because another broadcaster has the rights to show the event in that territory.

Register today with WTATV.COM for access to live tennis from around the world, safe in the knowledge that the streams will be high-quality, value for money and sourced with approval of the WTA.

Company Name: Perform Media Channels Limited
Contact Address:

Sussex House
TW13 7HE
United Kingdom

Company registration: 5645564

VAT number: 874 4597 73